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NGCab | Online Transport System


We work with licenced drivers. As such you will get more customers, which are just three taps away from a taxt ride in your car.

Payment is easy to handle. You will get more tips since we use a rating system: Your excellent service results in more tips.

The taxi app is free to download and you only pay a small fee per month for using it in your business.

You will make more money with NGCab app! You get to keep what your customer pays you.




Our drivers are all licensed and insured. You can also use our feedback tool to have your saying to get the best drivers.

It is so easy to use NGCab once you have registred. You can pay with cash, but you do not need to worry about cash since you can pay through our secure payment system with cards or wallet.

We are using the most modern technique and are cutting egde. The NGCab app will automatically without costs for you.